Friday, November 5, 2010


Yes, home sweet home, finally... after rrrrr 3 weeks? My last visit is not counted, I was sick and it's only for few hours. So, it's 7 weeks probably. Being home is such rrrrr undescribable feeling. Really. And after this home-coming I probably am not gonna come home till December or January.

So, how's my life in Bandung? Pls, don't ask, hey but you just asked, okay stupid monologue. My life's been hectic, tiring, exciting and amazing at the same time. This econ major turns out to be so much fun, bcs it's awhole new thing for me as a science student in high school. The best part is the new friends. I won't survive without them. Really. I love you, e!10

I just finished my very bery first mid-term exam, 9 hours ago to be precise. My mom asked 'how was it?" and I replied only with "Yaaaaa begitulah...". I can only hope for best result. In case for the worst, bad bad very bad score. I'm not gonna regret any of my exam's score, it's only the beginning anyway, still have enough time to fix it, study harder and harder. If failed, then try again. It's not the end of the worrrrrrrrrrrrrld. Just enjoy, find the new rhythm of this college life and be focus. I'm gonna updates as much as possible. Enough for now. Byeeeeeeeeee

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