Saturday, March 20, 2010


About 34 hours from now, I'm going to have my National Exam. I supposed to be in my room right now, but here I am, writing this post in front of computer. No special things I'm going to write, just my random thoughts as usual.

I dont care what people think, say, and talk about me. I just dont give a damn. I believe what I believe. Well, I'm not that idealistic but yeah I have my own belief. My father once said that, religion is not just about praying to your God and do your God's command. It's also about sticking up with its value, what your religion told you to, and apply it in your life. My father was right. Your ibadah is only your bussiness with your God. What you do, how you act, what you say, is your bussiness with other people.

No, I'm not a good person, I'm still far from it but I'm trying to be one. I do cheat but no not for this one. It's just not me.

Do your best and let God do the rest :) Bismillah...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear, Failure! Please Don't Be My Middle Name!

I lost my ability in writing. I've been just writing three post this year. It's kinda hectic moment of my life. It's overwhelming. I really am stressful. In this moment I just wanna take a break. I want to have a getaway. And I found that my blog is the perfect getaway. Writing is one of my favourite thing to do when I feel so mess up. I ever wrote my blog while crying or even with fully-smile-face. and I dont care about what I wrote because I know people won't read it haha.

My ultimate goal this year: become med school student, not just FKUGM. As long as it's med school and I'm being accepted there I will definitely take it. No, I'm not pesimistic with my very first goal, but I'm just being realistic. About fifteen thousand people are wanting to become med school student this year and just about 300++ luckiest of all gonna be accepted. That's a huge number guys! It's 1 : 50!!! And I failed in my very first enroll test. PBS. And I'm going to have UTUL UGM, UM I UNDIP, SIMAK UI... Bismillah, I hope the failure won't come to me again and it won't be my middle name this year.

Why medical school? Why doctor?I don't know, it's my dream job since I was in kindergarten. I never found anything more interesting than become doctor. No, don't say because my mom is a doctor. Yes she is a doctor, but not the one who works in hospital. She is working in Ministry of Health and she's travelling alot. She's far away from what a real doctor look like. But I want to be like her, but just the travelling parts. Hahaha. Now, she is in Bangkok and later in July she will be in Washington. Oh I'm so envy her. Okay, back to the main topic.

And this school is going to help me to support my goal: having my own hospital for the needy and poor people, free of charge!!! I have to own it someday. Really. Like, my very own thing.

God, please help me get through this moment of my life. I really am work as hard as I can.
Just You who can help me, ya Allah...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Siapa sih yang ga kenal sama aktor satu ini? Kalo lo ga kenal, ter-la-lu. Kenapa gue tiba2 mau ngomongin dia? Karena kemaren baru aja nntn Shutter Island, filmnya dia setelah film paling terakhir Body of Lies dan Revolutionary Road keluar pada tahun 2008. I kinda miss him. And after 2 years waiting I finally watched him again.

Dari film-film Leo yg udah gue liat: The Basketball Diaries, Titanic, The Beach, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Revolutionary Road dan terakhir Shutter Island, kemampuan akting Leo makin oke aja.

Pertama kali liat dia di Titanic, waktu itu gue masih SD, gue cuma liat dia dari tampang doang, ya maklumlah masih anak-anak. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, pas SMP kelas 2 kl ga salah gue nntn Catch Me If You Can, disitu pertama kali gue jatuh cinta sama Leonardo DiCaprio. Di film ini Leo jadi buronannya Tom Hanks, karena dia pinter bgt malsu2in cek, terus dia ganti2 profesi, mulai co-pilot sampai jadi dokter, semua itu dia lakukan tanpa pengalaman bener2 cuma dari baca dan nonton. Di film ini Leo bener2 bisa akting, dia heart-robber bgt disini haha. Itu kenapa gue jatuh cinta sama dia di film ini.

Terus gue nntn The Departed, suka bgt gue sm film ini walaupun harus nonton 2 kali dulu untuk ngerti gimana ceritanya, bagus bgt hey! Ga heran menang Oscar Best Picture tahun itu. Terus gue mulai nyari DVD film2nya. Gue nemu Aviator, gue ga begitu suka dia disini gatau kenapa. Terus gue nntn Blood Diamond, gue suka ceritanya, akting si Leo makin meyakinkan disini. Terus nntn Body of Lies, filmnya too political, gue ga begitu suka, Leo makin mateng aja aktingnya. Dan semakin kesini gue makin penasaran sama sepak terjang dia di dunia perfilman, tahun ini akhirnya dia muncul lagi di layar lebar.

Shutter Island adalah film thriller pertama yg gue tonton sendirian di bioskop ahahaha. Gue sebelumnya ga pernah berani nntn begini2an sendirian, tp demi kerinduan sama abang Leo gue bela2in nonton sendirian, ujan2, capek abis atletik, tapi perngorbanan itu benar2 terbayar. Gue paling suka akting Leo disini dari seluruh film dia yang udah gue tonton. Gue pengen nntn lagi! Asli ini filmnya ga bosen, padahal gue adalah orang yang gampang bosen, nntn Avatar aja gue tidur haha. Kl gue ga lagi musim2 belajar gue bakal nntn lagi, tapi apa daya, gue udah berjanji kalo Shutter Island adalah film terakhir gue sebelum ujian2 perguruan tinggi selesai.Gue ga sabar nunggun Inception!!! Sampai bertemu di Inception ya mas Leo hahahaha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hidup itu ga adil...

Kata siapa? Siapa yang bilang hidup ga adil?
Semua orang bilang hal itu gila!
Yah kl buat gue itu udah cukup adil karena semua merasa hidup itu ga adil