Friday, December 24, 2010


I am being attach too much on you all guys and I sure forget how to be independent. See, this weekend is christmas holiday and my friends are going home so I end up spending this weekend alone. Since I live in Bandung, being away from your family, it's hard to live, I mean doing activities like have 3 times a day meal, doing laundry and stuff, with no company. I'm so dependent to my friends.

Anyway that's okay I kinda do have to learn to be independent again. Happy holiday everyoneeeee. Merry christmas for those who celebrate it, may you all surrounded by joy and grace with your loved ones.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1 minute 56 scnd mom's day greeting call

Pretty much like this

A: halo assalamualaikum? mamaaaa kok ga bisa ditlfn daritadiiii? Lg diluar kota?
M: ah bisa ah. Mama lagi di Bogor sayang. Kenapa?
A: ya mau ngucapin selamat hari ibu
M: iya kan udah dibales bbmnya. Makasi ya sayang
A: engga masuk di aku bbmnya, pending ya ma?
M: wah gatau tuh ya. Kamu udah jadi beli tiket finalnya?
A: udah dong kmrn bru ditransfer.
M: Ini kamu belom mandi deh pasti
A: hehehehehe. Kuliahnya baru setengah 3 ma
M: ya tetep aja harus mandi pagi biar tertib, kalo mandinya ga sekarang ya namanya bukan mandi pagi
A: iya ma nantiiiii
M: jgn lupa belajar loh
A: iya kan minggu ini review praktikum pasti belajaaaar
(Padahal reviewnya udah selese semua)
M: belajar yg rajin jgn pas2an nilainya biar S2nya gampang dapet beasiswa
A: aaaaaa iyaaa maaaaa
M: belajar serius loh. nnti abis tgl 29 kamu balik k bdg lg tgl brp?
A: gatau aku mau taunbaruan di bandung sepertinya
M: loh? Kan ada bude fik ke jakarta kasian ga ada temennya
A: iya tapi aku tgl 3 UAS lg. Yaudah pulang tgl 1 sore aja gmn?
M: yaudah nnti kabar2i lagi aja ya.
A: yaudah deh ya sekali lg selamat hari ibu ya ma. I love you
M: oke makasi sayang love you too.
A: semlekum
M: wa'alaikumsalam

Aaaaa it's good to hear ur voice first thing in the morning mom. Eventho I have to call you gazillion times maybe, finally I can call youuuu. See you 29 Desember ya maaaa. I love you wholeheartedly
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Mom's Day to every single living mother on the whole universe

It's been awhile. Life's been good. I get to know lotsa people more and more. I enjoy every single second here in ESP UNPAD. This week is final week of my very first semester as college student. Last meeting of courses, reviews of lab class and else. I've gratefully done all reviews... THKS GOD!!! To be frank, I don't care the results at all.

Since I got all done this week by today, I got this chance to come home again but I miss it. I could have spent mom's day with my very own mom, at least I meet her eventho not full day. I know it's just another day but I realize I never did somethin special to my mom at that day. So I kinda want to give her somethin special, I always have plans to do this and that but it never happens. Hopefully next year...

Mom, you probably never gonna read this but that doesn't matter bcs I know you know I love you too much, three much, four much. Mom, sorry I never be the person you wanted me to be, I'm trying mom, I'm just not getting there, yet. I don't what to write anymore

I just wanna say happy mother's day to every mom in galaxy milkyway I want to make a rhyme but I failed anyway

I probably way too early but in the other side of world is twenty second already right? Selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu seluruh dunia!
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Sunday, December 12, 2010


People are busy capturing their favourite moment with camera, I'm busy capturing my favourite moment only with my photographical memory. I don't get the idea of spending moment with a lot of capturing picture, I mean I have experienced it back then in high school while I got this event and I'm busy capturing picture of myself and my friends and I end up didnt get the essence of the event.

The essence, I mean, is the story of it, the memories of it. I realize photos and pictures are good way to keep your memories but the memories that lies in your heart is the other thing, the most important one. Now if I got this moment I won't keep myself busy capturing picture I will be busy capturing the memories that will lies in my mind, in my heart forever.

I'm just saying, no reason why I wrote this. Anyway here I am in villa of GONG 2010. Alhamdulillah it's over. I'm glad, I'm satisfied eventhough there's still a lot of mistakes and misscommunication here and there... Good job e!10. Well done!!! I love you, sure I'm gonna miss these moment we spent in this past couple months. See you in next proker angkatan, PPJ!!!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I had this sickness over and over again. This is probably the third time I got this headache plus stomachache plus every possible ache that body could have in this freakin cold weather of Bandung. My mom said "ini cuma sakit kesepian" hahahaha and she is right. I got this expiration date of missing my home, if I reach over 3 weeks without coming home I'll get sick hahahaha. Weird huh? So GONG 2010 coming up in 3 days and hopefully I'll be fully fit and healthy on the D-day. Okay, bye bye
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