Sunday, December 12, 2010


People are busy capturing their favourite moment with camera, I'm busy capturing my favourite moment only with my photographical memory. I don't get the idea of spending moment with a lot of capturing picture, I mean I have experienced it back then in high school while I got this event and I'm busy capturing picture of myself and my friends and I end up didnt get the essence of the event.

The essence, I mean, is the story of it, the memories of it. I realize photos and pictures are good way to keep your memories but the memories that lies in your heart is the other thing, the most important one. Now if I got this moment I won't keep myself busy capturing picture I will be busy capturing the memories that will lies in my mind, in my heart forever.

I'm just saying, no reason why I wrote this. Anyway here I am in villa of GONG 2010. Alhamdulillah it's over. I'm glad, I'm satisfied eventhough there's still a lot of mistakes and misscommunication here and there... Good job e!10. Well done!!! I love you, sure I'm gonna miss these moment we spent in this past couple months. See you in next proker angkatan, PPJ!!!
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