Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Mom's Day to every single living mother on the whole universe

It's been awhile. Life's been good. I get to know lotsa people more and more. I enjoy every single second here in ESP UNPAD. This week is final week of my very first semester as college student. Last meeting of courses, reviews of lab class and else. I've gratefully done all reviews... THKS GOD!!! To be frank, I don't care the results at all.

Since I got all done this week by today, I got this chance to come home again but I miss it. I could have spent mom's day with my very own mom, at least I meet her eventho not full day. I know it's just another day but I realize I never did somethin special to my mom at that day. So I kinda want to give her somethin special, I always have plans to do this and that but it never happens. Hopefully next year...

Mom, you probably never gonna read this but that doesn't matter bcs I know you know I love you too much, three much, four much. Mom, sorry I never be the person you wanted me to be, I'm trying mom, I'm just not getting there, yet. I don't what to write anymore

I just wanna say happy mother's day to every mom in galaxy milkyway I want to make a rhyme but I failed anyway

I probably way too early but in the other side of world is twenty second already right? Selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu seluruh dunia!
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