Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Equals Football

I love football!

I'm soooooooo excited with this World Cup 2010! Lil' dissapointed with the Opening Ceremony, the stadium wasn't so crowded the seats' not full, I didnt feel the euphoria like I had experienced in 2006 I dont know why. So, here we come here we go I'm gonna trying to watch aaaaall the matches after June 17th, haha not gonna happen that's too much


Yiah gaya bgt ya bahasanya. Engga gue cm mau memotivasi diri sendiri aja deh, gatau lagi dengan jalan apa gue bisa menghimpun asa yg telah berserah beeeeeeeeeh gaya. Gue skrg udah sadar kalo kekecewaan dateng saat lo terlalu banyak berharap, berekspektasi tinggi. Gue jadi inget tulisan di Buken FDV, Ekspektasi Nol, ya gue akan berekspektasi nol. Ga bukan ga optimis, ya pkoknya gitulah. Haha ga jelas bgt

Somehow gue merasa apa yg ada di kepala gue kl ga gue tulisin, ato gue omongin ke orang jadi bkin gue nangis, makan ati, menyayat hati, apapun deh namanya, akhirnya gue seminggu ini being sooooooooo overly emotional, sensitive, I cried easily, for God's sake! Dont you believe that I cried all the time during I saw Karate Kid! Yes that one was so encouraging, about the fight and struggle which is sooooo me now.

Gue ngerasa dari awal gue mau msk kedokteran gue udah salah niat, makanya Allah ga ngasih2 juga sampai detik ini. Gue semata2 hanya pgn cita2 gue tercapai, memenuhi ambisi dari kecil, menjawab rasa penasaran gue sm ilmu kedokteran, gue salah. Gue ga seharusnya self-centered. Dan diperparah lagi gue menutup beberapa peluang krn gue berharap gue sekolah di luar jakarta dan yeah that tough one! Dunia ga cuma selebar jakarta yg menurut gue emg ga lebar haha, hidup ga cuma Jakarta, saingan lo dari seluruh jagat raya.

Gue udah deh pasrah aja skrg, kl jodoh ya dapet kl ga dapet yaudah 3 taun ke depan gue msh berkesempatan kan. Gue cuma berharap kl gue di ekonomi unpad bisa lebih membahagiakan hidup nyokap bokap gue and so be it. Tp kl ada yg bisa lebih membahagiakan lagi, ya kedokteran mksdnya, semoga Allah ngasih deh. Ga deh gue cuma pgn gue berguna bagi orgtua, agama, nusa bangsa dan negara!

Lagian ekonomi juga bagus hey, gue harus bisa memperbaiki carut marut perekonomian Indonesia! Dan yah abis SNMPTN gue harus belajar Ekonomi bgt2an ni kynya, gila aja apa gue buta bgt ekonomi, Ekonomi ga pernah ada di otak gue 2 taun ke belakang secara gue anak IPA dan msk UNPAD jg yg dites cm kemampuan dasar ga pake kemampuan ips, ah lebay sih gue ada sih Ekonomi di otak gue, ya bis kelas ekonomi, guru ekonomi, ehm, dan ekonomi yg suka ngetem itu, iya gue tau itu mentro mini mksdnya, anjrit gue udah makin ga jelas

Yaudah deh doakan yg terbaik aja ya semua! Gue ga tau lagi dengan jalan apa gue bisa masuk FK selain doa dari orgtua dan dari lo2 semua! So, guys see you after SNMPTN I think.

Aaaaand I'm welcoming the euphoria of WORLD CUP 2010!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't give up, just a delay!

I miss you red-dish! Sorry I've been leaving you for a rrr... while. Blame toinfinity-andbeyond and his coolness haha. Okay, what did I do? I just gave my blogs a sexual identity! --,

Ok, since my tumblr's dashboard is full of Glee season finale spoilers I can't, actually I don't want to see it. So this is my getaway, the pefect one. red-dish, after all, you are always be my number one in my heart! haha

You know what I've been through right? Yes yes yes I'm still on my fight to enter this fucking meds school! And after all these tests, yes I had 8 tests, I still dont get this future school! Thanks God, I got accepted in UNPAD, but not meds school unfortunately! I overused exclamation mark! --> I just did it again.

So I decided to take this economic studies in UNPAD but no, don't think that, I don't give up on my very first goal, my ultimate goal of my life, become a doctor, I just delay it maybe.

I fortunately still have this last shot to enter meds school this year, SNMPTN! So, fight is still on and I won't leave my battlefield yet! Keep praying for me, will ya?

Today I was sooooo happy. Today is announcement day of PMBP ITB Terpusat. Today I heard a lot of great news. I'm so happy finally my friends richly deserve what they got! So proud of them, really.

On the other side I had this regret I didnt take PMBP Terpusat, but now I feel it was a good decision. I just didn't wanna waste more money to pay for the enrollment, I didn't wanna take a test that I took it halfheartedly. So once again these congratulation and salutation go to you all guys!

God, I just realize how broke my english is! I'd better improve them bcs I just decide to take this economic studies with english as the introductory language.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got my Year Book today. I am happy, satisfied and relieved but on the other side I'm sad, teribbly very sad. No, not sad, it's not the appropriate word. Hm... I don't know I feel so overly... overly... ah I couldn't find the word. So this is the book,
It was good, real good *hey it's a brand!* I couldn't find the right word to describe what's inside this book. To me personally, this book has a lot of story. Every picture there has each story behind it. This is like portable time machine, I suddenly flashing back to my past and re-experience all the things I did during high school years! Really. I'm gonna miss high school, miss them so bad it hurts. No, I'm not gonna get anything like these again in my whole entire life. I'm sure not gonna experience anything more awesome than these, because I won't experience it with exact same people, same time, same place!

So, it was an incredible moments with you all guys! I love you wholeheartedly!!! See you soon, buddies :)) <3