Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't give up, just a delay!

I miss you red-dish! Sorry I've been leaving you for a rrr... while. Blame toinfinity-andbeyond and his coolness haha. Okay, what did I do? I just gave my blogs a sexual identity! --,

Ok, since my tumblr's dashboard is full of Glee season finale spoilers I can't, actually I don't want to see it. So this is my getaway, the pefect one. red-dish, after all, you are always be my number one in my heart! haha

You know what I've been through right? Yes yes yes I'm still on my fight to enter this fucking meds school! And after all these tests, yes I had 8 tests, I still dont get this future school! Thanks God, I got accepted in UNPAD, but not meds school unfortunately! I overused exclamation mark! --> I just did it again.

So I decided to take this economic studies in UNPAD but no, don't think that, I don't give up on my very first goal, my ultimate goal of my life, become a doctor, I just delay it maybe.

I fortunately still have this last shot to enter meds school this year, SNMPTN! So, fight is still on and I won't leave my battlefield yet! Keep praying for me, will ya?

Today I was sooooo happy. Today is announcement day of PMBP ITB Terpusat. Today I heard a lot of great news. I'm so happy finally my friends richly deserve what they got! So proud of them, really.

On the other side I had this regret I didnt take PMBP Terpusat, but now I feel it was a good decision. I just didn't wanna waste more money to pay for the enrollment, I didn't wanna take a test that I took it halfheartedly. So once again these congratulation and salutation go to you all guys!

God, I just realize how broke my english is! I'd better improve them bcs I just decide to take this economic studies with english as the introductory language.

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