Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got my Year Book today. I am happy, satisfied and relieved but on the other side I'm sad, teribbly very sad. No, not sad, it's not the appropriate word. Hm... I don't know I feel so overly... overly... ah I couldn't find the word. So this is the book,
It was good, real good *hey it's a brand!* I couldn't find the right word to describe what's inside this book. To me personally, this book has a lot of story. Every picture there has each story behind it. This is like portable time machine, I suddenly flashing back to my past and re-experience all the things I did during high school years! Really. I'm gonna miss high school, miss them so bad it hurts. No, I'm not gonna get anything like these again in my whole entire life. I'm sure not gonna experience anything more awesome than these, because I won't experience it with exact same people, same time, same place!

So, it was an incredible moments with you all guys! I love you wholeheartedly!!! See you soon, buddies :)) <3

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