Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enjoying Bandung

My dad misses me so much he just called. I've been not coming home for about a month, most of my friends come home this weekend, I decided not to. I don't know know, I just feel have not miss my home yet. Besides, I have this event I have to attend. I'm just being responsible as the comittee.

I'm not that typical daughter who's easily misses my family. My parents, especially my mom, travel a lot for business that makes me getting used to living without my parents. in fact I enjoy too much here in Bandung. My dad once asked me where I want to live, I answered anywhere but Jakarta. I don't really like Jakarta, I probably doubtedly never did. You know, mostly because of the traffic madness and the weather.

I never thought I would live here in Bandung, especially as a student. Well, you know I always wanted to be in Jogja, study in FKUGM, I still wanted them though haha. So accidently, living here, in Bandung, is such a beyond imagination, turned out to be the most enjoyable city I've ever lived, because I live without family I think, besides all of that I love Bandung I could spent the rest of my life here. I was too hiperbolic for the last one hahahaha. I'm not going back home until next month so all I can do is enjoying Bandung.

I'm too much enjoying this city, I finally got this fckin flu I sneeze all the time *sneezing* God bless me. LOL. Bear with my bad english, guys hahaha. Ok see ya, bye
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