Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I spent good time this afternoon. I was having a-silly-and-not-important conversation with my boy friends. My girls is so busy, they practiced for their play this Saturday, come and see them at GKJ and oh ya the rest are gone to Turkey. They're having folklore festival there. So this afternoon I ended up having the chit-chat with the boys.

I have twin friends. They are Tio and Sabun, the last one's real name is Dio, but yes we call him Sabun, soap in English, dont ask me why. They both are soooo silly. I knew Sabun first then Tio. At first I though Tio is more cool then his brother. But I never right about them. They just annoying you know!!!

Hey why am I talking them??? Ok stop talking about them. What's been on me lately? I'm busy with my school. Not the lessons. It's more about the extracuricullar things, the student council and my adventure club. July-September been my busiest months every year. And yeah I'm on them now. Wish me luck I'm doing good on those coming up things.

I put Bittersweet as the title because right now I'm listening to Bittersweet Poetry by Kanye West gt. John Mayer, no particular reason, really.

And on one month plus two weeks I will be 17. If I could pick one thing I would get on my birthday it would be tickets to watch F1 Race in Singapore. It's just wish, my mom never gonna make it true. Instead of wanting some things to get, I just hope having good celebration with my big family on Lebaran's day. Because yeah September 14th just one week before Lebaran. So dont forget!!!

It's nice to have time to write here again, xoxo

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