Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self and Fish

No one knows you better than yourself. Don’t cry or whine out of your problem to anyone else, either they don’t care or just curious. Trust me. Even it’s your best friend, closest friends or your family. Life is tough, hard and surprising. No one knows what will come up to your life in the next years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds. Everyone has their own problem don’t bother them with your problem too. It’s too selfish I think. I rarely tell my problem to anyone, back then in highschool life I probably never tell my problem to my friends, I’d rather write, you can go check my laptop and I have a lot of unfinished writings about anything, any possible thing that could across my mind. Why I rather keep it to myself? Because as I told you earlier, it’s too selfish to bother someone else with your problem. People change. I do change. Now, I love to talk to anyone about anything, but still not blabbering all out, you know. It’s not what I don’t feel, it’s what I don’t show to you guys. I don’t have any idea what I wrote, it’s pointless I guess. So I gotta go, bye.

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