Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fariz's Birthday and Dora wanna-be

It's almost midnight, and I havent go to bed. My insomnia kinda back lately. So it's quite long time since my last post. Here it is...

Okay, I'm done with my test. The result is so good so far. No remedial, 9 out of 11. I got a lot of high score, (and the low one because I'm cheatting :p) Isn't that great? For me it's really great. I've never been got score as good as now.

So, what's on this week? My friends's Birthday. There's Fariz on 31st March and Aje on the same day. Today is Didis's. Tommorow will be Tammy's. And on Friday will be Ilina's. For Fariz, we got surprises for him. As he told on his blog, he got a very cool pool party (actually we push his ass off to pool at my school, not pool but fishpond :p), a very simpe chiffon cake, and last but not least we threw him eggs and flour. You just add some butter and he would be a cake dough haha. You can watch the video on his Facebook video.

Here some photos...

Some of the surprisor!

And yeah if you look on my hair. I had cut my poni by my self and that's very horrible. It's too short. It makes my cheek look chubbier. And I look like Dora! Bye...........

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