Friday, May 29, 2009

My School is Sick, Barcelona and Upcoming Birthday

Yes, as I said on the title. My school is sick. Sick, I really mean sick. They are giving all the student days off, because there are Rapat Kerja. Why I called it sick? Because on the previous announcement, they say the days off would be only this Friday, and fortunately tomorrow they announced that the days off is until next Wednesday. Wohoooo! And it's shocking because I never thought that they will held the Raker on school days. Right away after the announcement my class was voting about where to go on the holiday, because we never did go somewhere after all year together, except for the Bali trip. And we decided to go Futsal on Monday. I can't wait for that day.

Now let's talk about UEFA CL, it's been talked about people around Europe, may be all over the world. Barcelona is the UEFA CL 2008/2009 Winner, after oh-so-predictable Final.
what a pity, United! Better luck next decade haha
source: gettyimages

Of course, Barcelona would be the winner, I predicted it from semifinal haha. Eto'o and Messi scored as they rescued Barcelona's third title this season. Funny thing I found that night is the goal scorers that night isn't from Europe itself, Eto'o is Cameroonian and Messi is Argentine haha. Copa del Rey, La Liga and UEFA CL are their title this season. They richly deserved the titles. They've been great this season. I think Messi would received Balloon d'Or and FIFA Player of the Year. He's been very great, he scored 38 goals, and he is this year top scorer on UEFA CL with 9 goals. He is one of my favourite footballer.

Speaking about footballer, my most favourite footballer, Steven Gerrard, is becoming 29 tomorrow. He's getting older but this year he achieved some awards and it proves that he's not over yet. 29 is pretty old for athletes, especially on football. I wish he could reach highest achievement on his footballer career and he could lift league trophy before he retired. Amin

I'm gonna talk about him further tomorrow, on his birthday. Over and out!

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