Saturday, May 23, 2009

when tough times come

have you ever feel like you got a big big big trouble and you dont know how to deal with it? yes I'm really in the kinda situation like that.

I believe, every year we have good times and bad times. And after long hapinesses in a row I do have tough times now. Dont ask what it is. When that times come I just wanna escape from my life but it wont happen of course. I kinda always think that matter all the time, even when I'm going to sleep. And it makes me crazy, really

And now I cry, I dont know why, with no particular reason. But it feels so relieve. Cry really works when you need to throw your undefined feeling out.

I really (need) miss my friends, who wants to spend in good or bad times. I really need one now, just one.

Anyway, today is Ina's Birthday. Happy Birthday dear :D

so lame hahahaha

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