Saturday, May 30, 2009

Story behind Reddish

Because I hadn't take a bath right away, me isn't going with my mom. So here it is end up this Saturday lying on the bed surfing internet all day long. Firstly I changed my blog address, why because I think the previous one too long so people hardly remember it. Here it is,, same with my deviantart.

Speaking about reddish, I want to share about the history of reddish name making. Before you read this post, you should watch this video first.

Yeah that was silly, lame, whatever you say. I made that one when I still on junior high

In my junior high school, Labschool Kebayoran also known as Labsky, I have gank, we called it Panic at the bis.Co consists of 6 people. Hahaha sounds cheesy. Me and my gank used to go home together with bus (because our home in the same district, about Cirendeu, Pamulang, Ciputat, in the Tangerang city), 72, and out of nowhere that name came. The idea of the name came from Panic! at the Disco and we changed it become Panic at the, that means panic at the bus, in Indonesia bus means bis. And that co behind the name means company perhaps hahaha I dont know exactly.

This is the 'best' part, when we together we used to do some ritual. This is the ritual: we made a circle and we say "Panic at the, COMPLETE!..." and we mention our name one by one. And if we're not complete, you could say just 3 or 4 of us we say "Panic at the, INCOMPLETE!" without mentioning name one by one. WKAKAKAK this is sooo lame but too sweet to forget.

We made this gank on May 31st 2006, and tomorrow it could be our 3rd anniversary wkakak. We officially made it right after we going swim together, we edited photos with our name on it . Here it is the photos

We named ourself with our habit or our interest. Such as me, named as Reddish because I love Red colour. Mayang named as Mislet because she likes violet colour or we could also say her Lelet, means doing something not fast and yeah she's the most late among us. Indi named as Lebaysh, from word Lebay, means doing something hyperbolicly and yeah she does that. Nadia named as Chist, Dini named as Laffuto at first then we changed it into Cherish and last but not least putri as Tinkies. For Dini and Nadia I don't know what particular reason why they named it like that. And Tinkies means Putri is the tallest among us, it from word Tinggi. Hahaha yeah that's the story behind my name, Reddish.

So have you ever got gank like me?

That's about story behing my name, Reddish. Ever since, I use that name as my screen name.

I have new site to visit now hihi,, it's so fun. In that site we could mix and match style and the best part is, it's kinda like, you put your things on real body. I prefet to haha. So here it is my page. Again and again I use Reddish as the name hahaha.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeh itu nama gue chist gara2 gue itu tuh suka kejuuu haha, lupa yaa. trus juga kan gue narsis tu dulu suka bangeettt foto2, kan kalo foto2, orang2 tu ngmgnya "cheese" makanya gue dipanggil cheese... hohoho.

  2. oiyaaaaaaaaaa hahaha you're the third commentator herr loh hahaha