Saturday, May 23, 2009

this week highlights

1. intan's birthday. My friends and I made a surprise for her. With help from juniors we did the good surprise.

2. after intan's birthday, I went to Penvil, watched Night at the Museum And while we wait for the movie, Kariz had a lunch and we made a video. Not so funny though

3. I did shooting for my Bahasa Indonesia ass-ignment, but unfortunately we have to retake all the scene because of here and there errors

4. I watched Saman Sky Fest 2009. My school joined this event, but unfortunately we just made it to Juara Favorit. You could've been better girls! But y'all is improving from previous year. Fyi, this year my school's saman team made to final round which is good because we didnt make it to final round year ago.

5. I did terrible mistake. And it ruins whole things for like a month ahead.

Over and out!