Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy come, Easy go

I like night posting. It such a perfect time to me to write what I want to write, to tell all things that stuck on my mind. So what I want to right now is, oh men I want to type "write" instead of "right", about actually I havent decide yet, I even havent write the title, it's still blank up there.

And I come up with................feelings. I did write the title. Feelings, for me, it's just something that come and go without permission. I had this kind of situation, once I knew a boy, he was and also is good friend of mine. One day this kind of feelings came, I called it because-I-said-I-didnt-want-him-that-doesnt-mean-I-want-him-to-go.

And now he went away. Not too far but not close either..............

What was that, Fi? What's the point?
Damn, who cares anyway?

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