Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Official Announcement haha

here's the thing, I'm on my exam week and today I succesfully end up with no study at all, I don't even touch the book. Why oh why? Because this exam is not-important-at-all, such a waste of time, money, energy, paper and so on. And the second reason is tomorrow's exam is Biology and Bahasa Indonesia and I don't know where to start to study so here I am, posting my blog haha.
I finally watched Charlie Bartlett! Such a good movie, with Anton Yelchin in it of course. I won't review that movie because my friend already did, here in Vampibots. So I just want to share a few pictures from the movie, I got it from here. So here they are...

From now on, I'm officially in love with Anton Yelchin. HAHA. And I'll put his name on my interest in Facebook info, alongside Gerrard, Michael Cera, Leo, Tom Hanks, Pato and other guys I love haha.
Speaking of Facebook I got username there, so if you want to visit my profile just type on your address bar. hsidder is reddish typed backward. Okay I gotta sleep now, or I'm gonna watch Spain v Iraq in FIFA Confederation Cup.

*okay I won't use "Be cool, stay gaul" anymore* HAHA


  1. fi cara bikin url facebook ada nama kita gimana sih? katanya ada pemberitahuannya ya kan kalo sign in, gw kok ga ada sih?

  2. wah gatau ya riz, gue jg pas sign in itu

  3. gw udah ntn Star Trek fii akhirnya hahahha. Aduh Anton Yelchin worship banget deh......

  4. ko bisa riz gmn caranya?

    iya dan, ga sabar nunggu NY, I love you dan film2nya dia selanjutnya haha