Thursday, June 25, 2009

This week: It's all about my first experience

  1. Sunday, Watching Final Round of Indonesia Open. (you could read on my previous post, here)That was my first experience watching badminton matches in Istora Senayan.
  2. Monday, Attending classmeeting yang-agak-agak-gak-penting. I didn't join any matches, I was just sitting around announcement table, and become the live match commentator. That was also my first experience officially become commentator, full match. My class's futsal match against XI IPA 1. And my class did win.
  3. In the afternoon me and some of my friends felt hungry and we decided to go to Rumah Makan Enak, in english you could say Delicious Restaurant haha. Again and again that was also my very first experience go there (Rumah Makan Enak, I mean) after almost 2 years I'm attending 28. It's so lame knowing that you never go someplace near your school haha
  4. Wednesday, I watched Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen. NO, it wasn't my first experience go to cinema. BUT, it was my first experience watched movie on the first day released in my country with so many viewers and the best part is me and my friends had to queue soooo long to bought the tickets, fortunately we got it. I couldn't imagine how crowded would it be when I would watch Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince on the mid July. I won't write the review of the movie because my friend already write one, here. I couldn't agree more with his review. It was cool movie, stunning, but I still love the first one better. Probably in this movie Shia's scene is less than the first one haha. But here Shia is cuter and more adorable. My favourite scene is "Hold on 3 more seconds" scene! If you already watch you would know. Ok, off to the main topic
  5. Today, I did karaoke with Nadia, Mayang and Dini. Why karaoke? Because we didnt have better idea what to do or where to go. So we end up karaoke in Inul Vizta Poins Square. We met Nadia occasionaly because she is Taruna Nusantara's student and she lives in dorm so we only could met her like twice a year, or you could say only in holiday. And the first experience part is the karaoke, seriously. After karaoke we did chit chat in AW and continue it with dinner in Obong Steak Restaurant haha thanks Mayang for the treat. Here it is the photosMe - Dini
Yeah, those above are all my first experience. And probably I will have my first experience do snorkling haha. Tomorrow me and my pecinta alam will go to Pulau Seribu to do snorkle. I would tell you as soon as I get home. My holiday has the perfect start and I hope the rest either. Wish us luck for tomorrow. Oya, tomorrow my mom would take my report card, wish me have good mark and could continue to the 12th grade. Amin. I wish you all have godd mark too.

Bye everyone, happy weekend


  1. yeaaaay, what a perfect day it was!

  2. iya semoga bisa kaya gini lagi sblm lo balik ke TN...........