Sunday, June 14, 2009

My previous classes: SEDOTAN

My previous post is my inspiration to write this post and the next posts, perhaps. This post I'll tell you about my class in tenth grade, X-2 also known as Sedotan. Sedotan means straw in english. Sedotan is an acronym for Sepuluh Dua Oke Tak Ada Tandingan *please someone help me translate the meaning into english?*. Here they are...

The upper photo is when Tammy brought Krispy Kreme and treated a whole class on her birthday.
The middle one is when we won the second place on Tata Laksana Upacara Bendera.
The last one is when the teacher didnt come to class and we took a lot of picture.

They are my reason why I could survive in 28. If I were in another class, maybe I would move to other school. They were such a wonderful people. They were good combination unite in one class. You could meet super duper diligent students, oh-so-hilarious-people-that-you-would-not-be-able-to-study-well, or just the shy one, who rarely speak. With those people you not only could study well but also know how to have fun, really.

The first photo is when we had class-meeting, we did our prayer and toss before we played
The second is the boys played something, I didnt know what it is
The third, when we had spare time, the teacher didnt come especially, the boys played
kuda tomprok, and the girls just watched them and laughing our ass off.
The fourth is when we had
lomba tarik tambang to celebrate Independence day
The last one is me (the most beutiful among them) and my friends, weh took a lot of photos using webcam on my friend's laptop.

I think you should meet these people, they are just so silly yet funny.




Bu Mas'amah was our teacher, I mean she's our wali kelas (what do you call it in english?). She's so patiently guiding and teaching us. She's my the best wali kelas so far in High School.

Well, I miss y'all guys. Especially them,
I hope I could be in one class with one of you or maybe all of you in 12th grade.

I guess that's enough. Later I'll post about my classes in Junior High School. Bye!

Be cool and stay gaul (I think I will use this to end my post),


  1. sumpah foto salman yang niup suling gak nahan

  2. jadi pgn balik ke kelas x.........